Jack Herer Cup Holland

2023 Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam – 10 September,  The Netherlands,

Lifetime Achievement Award – Raphael Mechoulam

Best Sativa Flower
1st place: Yanks Indian Club – Banana Haze
2nd place: The Coffeeshops.com – AMG Haze
3rd place: Gallery Colorado – Purple Haze

Best Indica Flower
1st place: The Cat – Purple Kosher Kush
2nd place: The Box – White Peach
3rd place: Club Animo – Sour Dreams

Best Import Flower
1st place: Balou Amsterdam – Lemon Cherry Gelato
2nd place: Club Animo – Oreo Cake
3rd place: Reefer – Candyz

Best Import Hash
1st place: The Box – Mandarin Sorbet
2nd place: Take Away Haarlem – Tahamint
3rd place: Le Mistral – Beldia Gold

Best Solventless Extract
1st place: The Coffeeshops.com – Rafikis Fruit
2nd place: Ex-Tractor – Blue Kushy x MAC
3rd place: Cremers – La Kush Cake

Best Edible
1st place: Reefer – Red Velvet Heart Cake
2nd place: Flowers for Breakfast – Flower Dream Cake
3rd place: The Coffeeshops.com – Bon Bon Mix

Best CBD Flowers
1st place: Goldfish – Goldfish Kush
2nd place: Happy 420 – Dash
3rd place: Urban Agri Culture – Harle Purple

Best CBD Hash
1st place: Lucky Hemp – Ketama
2nd place: Weedo / Hempcrew – Bubble
3rd place: Lucky Hemp – Triple Zero

Best CBD Oil
1st place: Cannafleur – 10% Full Spectrum
2nd place: Tom Hemps – 12% Full Spectrum
3rd place: Weedo / Hempcrew – 30% Active Oil

Best CBD Special
1st place: Naturlich CBD – Gummies
2nd place: Flowerbauer – Gin
3rd place: Crystal Weed – Cosmetic Set