Michigan Clio Cultivators Cup 2023

The 8th Annual Clio Cultivators Cup took place on August 25th and 26th at Clio Cultivation (12196 N. Saginaw Rd, Clio, MI), featuring 1000 free event shirts, industry reps offering samples and advice, and a huge sale on growing supplies. The cannabis celebration marked the 13th Anniversary of Clio Cultivation. Food, vendors, and the med tent opened at 10 a.m., with live music starting at noon. The event included a celebration of life for Hoss Plourde and a fundraiser for his family. The raffle and award ceremony occurred at 4:20 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Attendees enjoyed music from various genres and were encouraged to bring friends for a fun time. The event was open to all ages but entry into the med tent required a medical marijuana card.

These are the winners!

Best of the Show: SOB – Super Boof

Hybrid Flower:
1st Place: SOB – Super Boof
2nd Place: Always Better Concentrates – Caked Up Candy
3rd Place: Alien Tek Farms – Devil’s Apple

Indica Flower:
1st Place: Always Better Concentrates – Sherb Crasher 2.0
2nd Place: Boulyz Budz – OG Kush
3rd Place: Always Better Concentrates – G Goat

Sativa Flower:
1st Place: Kalamazoo Vines – Blockberry
2nd Place: Boulyz Budz – Sunshine
3rd Place: Kalamazoo Vines – Super Boof

Best Pre-Roll:
1st Place: Five Sisters – Infused
2nd Place: SOB Sherbcake x Superboof x Straguava Wilson
3rd Place: Magic Seeds – Blunder Bust

1st Place: Mi Terp Farmz – Trop Cherry Rosin
2nd Place: S-Tier Extracts – Chem Cookies
3rd Place: Dank Dakk Meds – Juicy Fruit

Hard Candy:
1st Place: Growtech – Canna Rancher
2nd Place: Boulyz Budz – Jolly Ranchers
3rd Place: The Ancient Extract – Extract Gummy

1st Place: Tricia Rhodes – Kush Kat
2nd Place: Krispy Treats Karla – Ooyee Gooyee Smores Treat
3rd Place: Certified Canna Connoisseur – High Noodle Raman

1st Place: Five Sisters – The Whip
2nd Place: Mama K and CBD Pete – Hard Core Pain Relief
3rd Place: Leonard Grabowski – Healing Lotion