Clouds In The City Cup Amsterdam

Clouds in the City Cup 2023 – Amsterdam – 1 october 2023, NDSM Amsterdam 

These are the winners of the Clouds in the City Cup 2023

Best VIP Sativa
1st Place: Coffeeshop Reefer – Straw B
2nd Place: Big Bang Creations – Mimosa
3rd Place: Paradise Seeds – Apricote Candy

Best VIP Indica
1st Place: Big Bang Creations – Dream Factory
2nd Place – Seedstockers – Zmoothie
3rd Place – Reefer Coffeeshop- Super Buff Cherry

Best VIP Hash
1st Place: Growers Choice – Banana Glue
2nd Place: Jah Seeds -I.Haze
3rd Place: Reefer Coffeeshop- Tangerine

Best VIP Non Solvent
1st Place: Pressure labs x Smokenhagen – GAS
2nd Place – Reefer Coffeeshop -Pellezino
3rd Place – Reefer Coffeeshop – Gelato 44

Best VIP Solvent

Best VIP Artisan

Best VIP Edibles

Best CBD Product VIP

Best Coffeeshop Hash

Best Coffeeshop Flower

Best Coffeeshop