Legacy Cup IV

The 4th Legacy Cup took place at Festival Field, 520 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis, on September 30th, 2023. It stands as Minnesota’s premier legal cannabis competition, consumption event, and festival, showcasing music, food, and art.

This year introduced the Homegrown Cannabis and Solventless Hash categories, highlighting legacy growers from across the state.

In addition to the Legacy Cup competition, there was also the exciting Best Joint Rolling Contest, inviting participants to showcase their skills in crafting ‘Best Tulips, Scorpions, Triple Braids, Crosses, Flags, Windmills, or simply well-rolled fatties!’ Moreover, attendees could engage in a free Enter-The-Games Bong Rip Contest to who has superhero lungs.

These are the winners of the 2023 Legacy Cup!


Homegrown Flower
1st Place: Infamous Roots – Birthday Gurl
2nd Place: Fisherman420 – Permanent Marker
3rd Place: Alex Desnick – Cherry AK

Homegrown Solventless Hash
1st Place: Full Melt Factory (Jared Norman) – Dinosaur Butter
2nd Place: Enjoy the Salad (Eric) – Guava Spearmint Creamsicle
3rd Place: Mnsolventless_2 – Melon Farmer

Favorite MN

THC Product: Stigma: Lemonade Tea
Munchy: Old Dutch Potato Chips
Sesh Music: White Iron Band
Dispensary: Dabbler Depot
Cannabis Brand: Stigma

The Most Innovative Beverage: The Stash: Flo3


THC Chocolate: Retro Bakery: Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites
Tie! THC Chocolate: : Nuquanna: White Choc. Straw. Cheesecake
THC Gummies: Splitrock: Sour Apple
THC Soda: Keef: Bubba Kush Root Beer
THC Most Innovative Product: Cornell x On Point x No Coast: Space Ice Cream
Tie! THC Most Innovative Product: Aurora Cannabis: Horchata Rice Krispy Treat
THC Seltzer: Lake of the Woods Brew Co: Reef Water
THC Tincture: Stigma: THC Coffee Oil


CBD Edibles: FullMelt Factory: Milk & Cereal Cake Pop
CBD Flower: Cornell Urban Ag: Strawberry Orange Trifle
CBD Most Innovative Product: DocDabs: Healthy Highs Nighttime Tea
CBD Tincture: Crested River: Cherry Vanilla
CBD Topical: Natreum: Quick Fix Balm