Trinidad & Tobago Cannabis Growers Cup 2023

Trinidad & Tobago Cannabis Growers Cup 2023

The first edition of the Cannabis Conference, Expo & Growers Cup in Trinidad & Tobago was held on December 19th-23rd 2023. The winners were announced on December 30th.

These are the winners of te first Trinidad & Tobago Cannabis Growers Cup!

Indica Dominant Indoor
1st: The Chemist – Dirty Banana x Gusher (Nasha Genetics)
2nd: Dwayne Exotics – Crashland
3rd: Cosmic kalm – Apple Runtz (Nasha Genetics)

Sativa Dominant Indoor
1st: Chico – Trinity
2nd: The Chemist – Z’lectrolytes (Greenfieldz)
3rd: Family of Potheads – Gas Face

Sativa Dominant Outdoor
Steven – Jah Herbs
2nd: Mountain Top Family – Cali Reefer
3rd: Fireman – Dos-si-Dos

Indica Dominant Outdoor
Tobago Tony – Dead Ops OG (Zaza Genetics)
2nd: ShugStar – Apple Runtz (Nasha Genetics)
3rd: Jevan – White Widow (Green House Seed Co.)

Creme 868 – Cana Creme – Dead Ops OG (Zaza Genetics)
2nd: Derrty Cookies On Deck 868 – Derrity Deep Fried Oreo Cupcake
3rd: Royal Highness TT – French Vanilla Coffee Ice Cream