Ego Clash Invitationals

Ego Clash Invitational 2023 Mendocino

On Sunday, December 10th, Ego Clash again invited top-tier competitors to engage in flower, rosin, and full melt contests.

What sets this event apart is the absence of entry fees; however, participants must buy a toy. These toys are donated local charities, and through 3rd Gen’s partnership with the La Familia Foundation, many are sent to Mexico.

While fostering community spirit, the competition itself is intense. Makers eagerly await their coveted invitation, saving their finest terps for the event. They engage in friendly battles across four main locations: the glass house, the hash house, the flower house, and the notorious cave, all situated in a remote, rustic setting along the hillside of Mendocino, California.

These are the 2023 winners!


1st Place: Yeti Melts – Optimus Lime #8
2nd Place: Pure& Proper Co. – Kamikaze and Z mix
3rd Place: Jah Botanist – Asian Pear

1st Place: Trichome Tortoise – Ze Boof
2nd Place: Passion 4 Hashing – CDLA6 + Starburst OG
3rd Place: The Real Cannabis Chris – Guapa Empanada de Pina