2023 Cannabis Cup Mass People's Choice Edition

The Winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2023

Judging Timeframe: October 21 till December 24 2023. LIVE Stream Digital Awards Show: Monday, January 15 2024 at 4:20 PM ET

Indica Flower
First Place: Harbor House Collective – Kosher Kush
Second Place: Lazy River Products – Juicee J
Third Place: Superflux – Grapple Pie

Sativa Flower
First Place: Northeast Alternatives – Tropicana Cherry
Second Place: Lazy River Products – Chimera
Third Place: Garden Remedies – White Rainbow Special Stash

Hybrid Flower
First Place: The Botanist – Johnny Apple Seed
Second Place: Lazy River Products – Dante’s Inferno
Third Place: Harbor House Collective – Grape Cream Cake

Non-infused Pre-rolls Flower
First Place: Southie Adams – Lemon Cane 2g Fatty
Second Place: Springtime – Layer Cake Pre-Roll
Third Place: Green Gold Group – Lemonz Pre-Roll

Infused Pre-rolls Flower
First Place: Pioneer Valley – Grapeness M80 Infused Pre-Roll
Second Place: Southie Adams – Sundaze Infused Blunt
Third Place: Happy Valley – Moonrocket Infused Pre-Roll

Solvent Concentrates
First Place: Superflux – Johnny Apple Seed Live Budder
Second Place: Nature’s Heritage – Sherb Cake Live Resin
Third Place: Sticky Fish – Lemon Party Live Budder

Non-Solvent Concentrates
First Place: Harbor House Collective – Grape Cream Cake Cold Cure Live Rosin
Second Place: Treeworks x Canna Provisions – Chem S1
Third Place: Suncrafted – Bio Diesel #2 Live Rosin Badder

Rosin Vape Pens
First Place: Treeworks – Wedding Pie Live Rosin Cart
Second Place: Harbor House Collective – Papaya Cake Live Rosin Vape
Third Place: Bountiful Farms – Guava Glue Live Hash Rosin Vape

Non-Rosin Vape Pens
First Place: Rove – Watermelon Zkittlez Live Resin Diamond Vape
Second Place: Church x Trade Roots – Ice Cream Cake Live Resin Vape
Third Place: Sticky Fish – Purple Marmalade Live Resin Cart

Edibles: Sativa Gummies
First Place: Beboe – Sparkling Pear Sativa Gummies
Second Place: Happy Valley – End Game Cookies x Guava Passionfruit Rosin Gummies
Third Place: Hashables – Tropical Typhoon Sativa Gummies

Edibles: Indica Gummies
First Place: Beboe – Plum Berry Indica Gummies
Second Place: Zzzonked – Strawberry Slumber Gummies
Third Place: Happy Valley – Grape 2:1 CBN:THC Rapid Onset Gummies

Edibles: Chocolate Non-Gummies
First Place: AHH MOMENTS – Ceremonial Matcha Organic Quinoa Crunch
Second Place: Bubby’s Baked Goods – Brownie Bites
Third Place: Meltdown – Churro Chocolate Bar

Edibles: Beverages
First Place: Vibations – Energy Cannabis Drink Mix
Second Place: Rove – Drink Loud Maui Blast Shot
Third Place: Wynk – Black Cherry Fizz

Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules
First Place: The Fix – Infused Cooling Balm
Second Place: Treeworks – Canna Cream
Third Place: Dr. Healey’s – Pain Balm Stick