The First International Cannabis Awards 2024

The ICA recognizes excellence across various sectors of the burgeoning cannabis industry, from leading seed banks to manufacturers of lighting systems, fertilizers, and vaporizers. On March 13th 2024, this gala event gathered cannabis professionals and enthusiasts worldwide at the iconic La Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, situated in the heart of the vibrant Mediterranean coast.

These are the winners!

Industry Awards

Best Nutrients:

1st Place: BioBizz
2nd Place: Canna
3rd Place: Plagron

Best Lighting Company
1st Place: Lumatek
2nd Place: PureLed
3rd Place: Secret Jardin

Best Rolling Paper
1st Place: Raw
2nd Place: Elements
3rd Place: Lion Rolling Circus

Best Portable Vaping Device:
1st Place: DaVinci
2nd Palce: PuffCo
3rd Place: Pax

Best Seed Bank/Breeder
1st Place: Royal Queen Seeds
2nd Place: Humboldt Seed Company
3rd Place: Barney’s Farm

Best Ventilation
1st Place: Garden HighPro
2nd Place: Pure Fan
3rd Place: Prima Klima

US Winner: USA Can Fan

Best Online Seed Shop:
1st Place: Zamnesia
2nd Place: Alchimia
3rd Place: Attitude Seed Bank

US Winner: North Atlantic Seed Co.

Best Online Vapes Hardware:
1st Place: AVD

Organization Awards

Industry Pioneer:
Arjan Green House

Lifetime Achievement:
Steve de Angelo

Environmentally Conscious Brand Award:
Luis Pinyeiro Biobizz

International Women Trailblazer of the Year Award:

Social Content Creator of the Year Award:
Jimi Devine

Best Podcast of the Year:
James Loud

Cultivating Community:
Luna Stower

Cannabis Media Pioneer:
Moises Lopez revista Cañamo

International Seed Pioneer:
Ben Dronkers