Spannabis Champions Cup 2024 Barcelona poster

Spannabis Champions Cup BCN 2024

The Spannabis Fair and Champions Cup were held at Fira de Cornellá, Barcelona, Spain on the 15th, 16th & 17th of March.

These are the winners!

Indica Category
1st Place: Mile High Dave – Dantes Inferno # 6
2nd Place: Selva Club – Banana Cooler
3rd Place: The Plug – Zhessy

Sativa Category
1st Place: The Hasher Club – Tropaya BX
2nd Place: GWA Social Club – Zoz
3rd Place: Selva Club – Tea Time #26

CBD Category
1st Place: Gemelli Forte – Ferrari OG
2nd Place: Research Development Cannabinoid – Sweet PiHaze
3rd Place: Weneed – Mela Sour

Hash Category
1st Place: Zurefarm CSC – Bananaz
2nd Place: GWA Social Club – Rapple X Ozk Blend
3rd Place: We Flowers – Peach ‘N Lime

Rosin Category
1st Place: Frosty Hash – Zkittlez
2nd Place: Brothers In Farm Growshop – Z-Lime
3rd Place: Slite23 – Grape Gas

Highest CBD Vegetal Sample La Catalana – Tangerina
Highest THC Vegetal Sample Ganny_ Farmer – Zizi Designer

Popular Jury Awards
Best Sativa: Club Majara – Gelonade
Best Indica: Stickybuds – Highribo
Best CBD: Weneed – Mela Sour
Best Hash: Zurefarm CSC – Bananaz
Best Rosin: Slite23 – Grape Gas

Spannabis Barcleona 2024