Happy Birthday Dennis Peron

Happy Birthday to Dennis Peron, a true pioneer and tireless advocate for cannabis rights in California! Your dedication and vision have paved the way for progress and acceptance in the cannabis community. Cheers to you, Dennis, and your invaluable contributions to the movement! imo Dennis Peron (08-04-1945 – 27-01-2018)


(Four Twenty) 4/20

April 20th: 420! According to the legend.. Once upon a time, in the early 1970s, in San Rafael, California, a group of high school friends known as the “Waldos” set out on an adventure that would eventually give birth to a worldwide celebration known as 4/20. It all began when Read more…

710 (International Oil Day)

July 10, also known as 7/10 in America, marks the observance of International Oil Day. This commemoration, established in 2012, complements the traditional 420 festivities. The significance of 7/10 lies in its numerical resemblance to the word ‘OIL’ when read upside down. The genesis of 710 likely stems from the Read more…