High Times Cannabis Cup2009_22nd-Smugglers-Cup_front 2009_22nd-Smugglers-Cup_back

High Times Cannabis Cup 2009 – The 22nd Awards. Nov. 22nd till 26th – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This years Cannabis Cup (a.k.a. The Smugglers Cup) was held at the Powerzone Venue. Festivities and parties were held in the Melkweg. Hosted by a.o. Green House, DNA Genetics, THSeeds. The Cup was in memoriam of Thomas “King” Forcade. (from the Underground Press Syndicate and founder of High Times magazine). His mentor John Sinclair as High Priest entered Tom Forcade in the CounterCulture Hall of Fame.

Performances by Barrington Levi, Chali 2Na, Rakaa, Easy Star Allstars, Quicksilver Messenger Service and more.

Winner of 2009 Cannabis Cup is the Green House!

These are the results of the 2009 Hightimes Cannabis Cup


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Cannabis Cup The Green House for
Super Lemon Haze
Barney’s for
Vanilla Kush
The Green Place for
Headband Kush
Indica Cup Horitlab for
Reserva Privada for
Allstar Genetics for
Sativa Cup Harvestmen Seed co. for
Ceres Hilton
Green House Seed co. for
Super Lemon Haze
B.C. Bud Depot for
The Purps
Import Hash Cup The Green House for
Rif Cream
Barney’s for
Triple Zero
Amnesia for
Dutch Hash Cup Barney’s for
Royal Jelly
The Green House for
Green House Ice
Grey Area for
Grey Area Crystal
Product Cup Vaporswing for
Incredibowl Industries for
Incredibowl i420
The Green House for
The Strainhunters DVD
Glass Cup Roor for
Roor Excalibur
Smoke Better for
Incredibowl Industries for
Incredibowl i420
Best Booth Green House Seed co. Barney’s Farm Big Buddha Seeds