April 2-3, 2011

1st High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Denver

The HIGH TIMES MEDICAL CANNABIS CUP in Denver included prizes for the best and most medicinal cannabis, hashish and edibles from Colorado’s legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

HIGH TIMES MEDICAL CANNABIS CUP also featured a two-day medical marijuana and hemp expo that included cultivation seminars with HIGH TIMES editors Danny Danko and Nico Escondido, activism sessions with leaders of the medical marijuana movement and major cannabis celebrities, seminars on how to open and operate your own legal canna-business, an all-star MEDICAL CANNABIS CUP awards ceremony, and an unforgettable party with surprise musical guests.

These are the results of the 1st High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Denver 2011



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Sativa Cup   Natural Alternatives for Health Dispensary for
The Farm for
Alpha Blue
Grass Roots Health & Wellness Center for
Island Sweet Skunk
Indica Cup   Mile High Green Cross Dispensary for
Banana Kush
420 Wellness Dispensary for
L.A. Confidential
Highland Health Dispensary for
Hybrid Cup   Mile HighGreen Cross Dispensary for
Sour Grape
Cut Above, PND LLC. Dispensary for
White Dawg
Highland Health Dispensary for
Banana Kush
Concentrate Cup   Salida Green Cross for
Grape Ape Wellness Wax
Broadway Wellness for
Hong Kong Stable Oil
The Greenest Green for
Lemon G-13 Hash Oil
Edible Cup   Cheeba Chews for
Deca Dose
Standing Akimbo for
Pecanna Bar
Good Chemistry for
Blueberry Pie Bar
The CBD Award   The Clinic on Holly for
Pre ’98 Bubba Kush (12.7% CBD)
Project Greenergy for
Bubblegum Kush (10.39% CBD)
Best Products   The Incredibowl Industries for
Incredibowl M420
MADE for
Hitman Turbine
Broadway Wellness for
Crucible Titanium Nail Concentrate Bar
Glass Cup   Lazy J’s for
Steve Bates for
Hitman Glass Butane Torch Tube
The Incredibowl Industries for
Vapor Dome Sherlock
Best Booth   MADE (tie) The Cannasseur/The Incredibowl Industries  Lazy J’s