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High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 – The 24th Awards. Nov. 20th till 24th – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Celebrating the Psychedelic)

As always, the global ganja community will showcase the very best products of the cannabis industry. Leaders of the cultivation world will be on hand to impart their expertise on what it takes to achieve gardening success. Learn from the masters of the industry: Arjan from The Greenhouse, Soma from Soma Seeds, Sissy and Derry from Barney’s, Don and Aaron from DNA, Adam from T.H.Seeds, Mila from The Pollinator, Big Buddha, and Swerve from Cali Connection. Of course, HIGH TIMES’ own experts, Danny Danko and Nico Escondido, will be teaching in the cannabis classroom as well.

Plus, High Times will be honoring one of the nation’s most effective cannabis activists. Debby Goldsberry of Berkeley, CA will be honored as 2011 Freedom Fighter of the Year. And to go along with the special psychedelic theme of this year’s Cup, Johnny Griggs of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love will be inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame.

Obviously—and most importantly—the world’s best strains will be available to sample at the daily Cannabis Cup Expo or at participating coffeeshops. Vote for best sativas and indicas, plus the top strain of all, which is decided upon by Cannabis Cup judges.

Freedom Fighter Of The Year: Debby Goldsberry

The Dutch Master Award: Henk van Dalen

The 2011 Cannabis Cup Winner is Barney’s Farm!

These are the results of the 2011 Hightimes Cannabis Cup


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Cannabis Cup Barney’s Coffeeshop for
Liberty Haze
Green House United for
Hawaiian Snow
The Green Place for
Buddha Tahoe
Indica Cup Reserva Privada (Co) for
Kosher Kush
Hortilab for
Star Bud
Cali Connection for
Tahoe OG
Sativa Cup Rare Dankness Seed co for
Moonshine Haze
THSeeds for
Electric Lemon G
Karma Genetics for
Hybrid Cup tie DNA Genetics/
Reserva Privada (Co) for

Holy Grail Kush
Cali Connecion for
Dead Head OG
Serious Seeds for
Seed co. Hash Cup Cali Connection for
Tahoe OG Kush Wax
Hogg Seeds for
Reserva Privada (Co) for
Rascal OG Nelson
Import Hash Cup Green House Coffeeshop for
Exodus Cream Cheese
Barney’s Coffeeshop for
Caramella Cream
The Green Place for
Dutch Hash Cup Barney’s Coffeeshop for
Liberty Melt
Green House for
Hawaiian Ice
Grey Area for
Grey Cristal
Best Product Greenhouse for
Credit Card Grinder
Vaporfection for
Big Buddha for
Goodie Bag
Best Booth Barney’s Farm
Green House Seed Co. Big Buddha