International Culture ConventionThe International Culture Convention & Grace Glass Weekender event was held in Amsterdam on 26, 27, 28 and 30 November 2015.





These are the winners.

The Public Cup (equal votes, results in alphabetical order)

420 Café
Green Place
Original Dampkring Coffeeshop

The Elite Cup ( in association with Sensi Seeds & The Cannabis College)

Final Judges
Mila (Polinator) / Tan (Cannabis College) / Joseph (Sensi Seeds) / Mario (Herb Utopia) / Raheem (Sensi Seeds)

Best Sativa
1st Place – Silver Bubble by Green Place
2nd Place – Purple Jack by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms
3rd Place – Fruit Bowl by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms

Best Indica
1st Place – Head-stash by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms
2nd Place – Valley Kush 1.0 by Accelerator Seeds
3rd Place – Emperor OG by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms

Best Hash
Caramello by Green Place

Best Extracts
1st Place- Mandarina Grapefruit by Karma Squad, Trichrome jungle Extracts & Cali Kush Farms

1st Place – OG Reek’N ICE by Green place

Best Overall Extract
Cake Batter Orange Diesel v3 by Lady Sativa Genetics (Extracted by @Smokey Genetics)

Best Edibles
1st Place – One Plug Honeycomb
2nd Place – Truffles by The Green Connextion
3RD – CannaToffee by CannaBears

Best CBD Product
1st Place – 98% CBD Crystals by Endoca

Best Booth
1st Place- Abscent
2nd Place- Waxy – Extraction Gear
3rd Place – Verdamper

Best Newcomer
PotPotions – 420 catering company

Life Time Achievement Award
Mila Jansen: For her lifetime support of the plant and her backing and support from the beginning, the award goes to Amsterdam’s Hash Queen Mila!