Expo Grow Cup

Expogrow Cup 2015

The 2015 Expogrow Cannabis Cup was held in Irun, in the context of a one-of-a-kind three day event that attracts industry professionals and experts, as well as a dedicated public and various others who are attracted to and intrigued by the theme. Besides the Expogrow Cannabis Cup, the efforts of all participants to bring new and innovative products and strains to the sector were rewarded with different prizes in regard with nutrients, growing equipment, paraphernalia, etc.

These are the winners of Expogrow Cannabis Cup

Best Sativa

1st Place – Sterling Haze by Nirvana Seeds

2nd Place – Sour Ripper by Ripper Seeds

3rd Place –  Purple Strawberry Bliss by Phenofinder Seeds

Best Indica

1st Place – Purple Afghan Kush by Dinafem

2nd Place – M.O.B. from T.H. Seeds

3rd Place –  Skywalker from DNA Genetics

Best Autoflowering

1st Place – Cheesy Auto from Philosopher Seeds

2nd Place – Ice Cool Auto from Sweet Seeds

3rd Place – Sweet Mango from Green House Seeds

Best Solvent

1st Place –  Bubble Gum from T.H. Seeds

2nd Place – Toxic from Ripper Seeds & Oil hunters / Veganic Tangie Live Resin from Breeder Collective (empate)

3rd Place – Shatter Icer from R-kiem Seeds

Best Non-Solvent

1st Place – Oxus from Breeder Seed

2nd Place – Barb from House Of The Great Gardener

3rd Place – GG#1 from House Of The Great Gardener

More Categories:

Best Stand: Barney’s Farm

Best Seedbank: Sensi Seeds

Best growing product: Smart Pot fabric containers

Best paraphernalia product: Accutemp vacuum oven from Across International

Best hemp product: Porta Peta from Gaga Trading (carrying case for joints)

Best nutrient: B.A.C.

Best publication: “Hydroponics for everybody” from Mama Publishing

Best Media: Cáñamo Magazine

Best International Activist: Augusto Vitale

Best national activist: Jaime Prat from Cáñamo Magazine