High Times JAMAICAN Cannabis Cup 2015World Cannabis Cup’
Rastafari Rootzfest: November 12th through 15th – Negril, Jamaica.

Rastafari Rootzfest organizers and High Times magazine have jointly announced that Rastafari Rootzfest will host the High Times 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup in Negril on November 12th through 15th 2015.
The event will be held in Long Bay Beach Park set along the popular Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Anybody under 18 years old will not be permitted to enter and this restriction will be enforced.
Rastafari Rootzfest’s hosting of the High Times 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup will include two competitions — a Jamaican Cannabis Cup and a World Cannabis Cup.
The High Times 2015 Jamaican Cannabis Cup portion of Rastafari Rootzfest will gather the best ganja from traditional farmers in each Jamaican parish and, applying the standards and practices acquired from more than a quarter-century of High Times Cannabis Cups competition, will qualify the wonderful enigma of Jamaican herb.
The second cannabis-related contest of Rastafari Rootzfest will feature the High Times 2015 World Cannabis Cup competition, the historic culmination of 26 years of High Times Cannabis Cups held in Europe and the U.S. This contest will be conducted in the United States in October, and on the last day of the Rastafari Rootzfest, November 16, 2015, the results of the High Times 2015 World Cannabis Cup will be announced along with the winners of the 2015 Jamaican Cannabis Cup.

Best Indica Flower

1st Place – A.P.M. by Junior Gordon
2nd Place – Hawaiian Kush by Ziggy of Orange Hill/ Westmoreland
3rd Place – Milly Strain by St. Bess’ Ganja Growers – Noel Watson

Best Sativa Flowers

1st Place – Orange Hill Lemon by Juna Johnson of Orange Hill, Westmoreland
2nd Place –  Skunk Ice by St. Bess Ganja Growers, Devin Goss of St. Elizabeth
3rd Place – Cole #2 by St. Ann Botanical & Agro Processing Co-Op

Best Hashish

1st Place – Pineapple Blueberry Ice Hash by Junior Gordon
2nd Place – Jamaican Hash by The Accompong Maroons

Best ‘New-Style’ Farming

1st Place – True OG by Skinny & Andrew William
2nd Place  – Legend by Machel A. Emanuel from Archie Genetics
3rd Place – White Tangerine Haze by SunSpice / Igadi Global Ja/ Louis Chase/ Maurice Ellis

Peoples Choice

1st Place – OG by Ital Seeds & Phenofinder Seeds
2nd Place – Pineapple Kush by Mighty Jamaica
3rd Place – TIE!
White Ice x Purple Kush by Rastafari Ital Growers, and Lambs Breath by Old School Breeders Association

Sources: hightimes.com, cannabiscup.com