The Second Annual Secret Cup Beast Coast took place in August 2015.

These are the winners!

Best Overall

1st Place – 12  Holy Grail OG Shatter by Boondock Alchemists

2nd/3rd Place (tie breaker)

Blue Chem Pull n Snap by Deep Woods Extracts

Bettie Page Shatter by Van Dweller Extracts

Conoisseur’s Choice

Chem 4 Budder by Terp Logic

Best Non-Solvent

East Coast Sour Glue Rosin by Mega Raw Melts

Best Budder

Viper Cookies Live Resin by Ra Extracts

High THC

Alpine Og Shatter by 2 Peaceoil

Soil to Oil

Sunnyvale Kush by Dobb’s Dabb

Sunnyvale Kush Shatter by Dobb’s Dabb


1st place – Girl Scout Glue by Zigzag

2nd place – Sunnyvale Kush by Dobb’s Dabbs

3rd place – Strawberry Banana by Dab Bee x FullBlown Extracts