Homegrown Cup 2016

This cannabis competition event took place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on December 17th.

Winners of the Homegrown Cup 2016.


1st Place:  Scott’s OG by Organic Earth
1st Place:  Super Orange Glue by Lady Sativa Genetics

2nd Place:  Pineapple Express by Toermalijn
2nd Place: Platinum Valley Kush by Accelerator Seeds

3rd Place:  RKS by Brother Extracts
3rd Place: Exodus Kush by Brother Extracts


1st Place: Brainstorm by Dutch Passion

2nd Place: New Balance Speciasl by Newe Balance

3rd Place: Royal Cheese by Marcel

Traditional Hash

1st Place: Alien Cheese Breath by Brother Extracts

2nd Place: Tangerine G13 Block by Amsterdam Genetics

3rd Place: Golden Berry Block by Amsterdam Genetics