Errl Cup

Errl  Cup 2017

The Errl Cup is the only cannabis-related Awards & Festival Event held in Arizona. It focusses on patient appreciation and dispensary accountability.

These are winners of 2017!

Flower Indica

1st Place:  Sour Purple OG by Arizona Organix

2nd Place:  OG 18 by Arizona Grass Roots

3rd Place:  Abundant OG by Natures Med Tucson

Flower Sativa

1st Place: Golden Goat by Arizona Organix

2nd Place:  Sour Tangie by Herbal Wellness Cente

3rd Place:  Time Wreck by Nature Med Tucson

Flower Hybrid

1st Place: Lohan by Nature’s Medicine

2nd Place: OG Chem by Nature’s Wonder

3rd Place: Chem 4 by Phoenix Relief

Concentrate Indica

1st Place: Grape Ape EHO Crumble by MUV/Alt-med

2nd Place: King Louis XIII Shatter by Reef Dispensary

3rd Place: BTY OG by Ponderosa Relief

Concentrate Sativa

1st Place:  Natures Medicine  Strain  Clementine Live Resin

2nd Place:  Level Up  Strain Tangerine Dream

3rd Place:  Golden Goat by Arizona Organix

Concentrate Hybrid

1st Place: Uterpia by Natures Medicine

2nd Place:  Kings Treat Crumble by Reef Dispensary

3rd Place:  Sunset Orange Candy by HWC

CBD Flower

1st Place:  Arianna #3-8 by Nature Medicine

2nd Place: SoMango by Arizona Organix

3rd Place:  CBD Therapy by Valley Healing Group

CBD Concentrate

1st Place:  CBD Crystalline by The Heights Dispensary

2nd Place:  Cannatonic Shatter by Reef Dispensary

3rd Place: Arianna Live Risen by Natures Medicine

CBD Edible

1st Place: Carmel 25mg by Tru Infusion

2nd Place:  Canna GO CBD by Yavapai

3rd Place: Root Beer Soda 50mg by Tru Infusion


1st Place:  Blueberry Kush Rosin by Natures Medicine

2nd Place:  Rosin Tangie Glue by Encanto Green Cross

3rd Place: BTY OG by Ponderosa

Vape Pen

1st Place:  SAP 500mg by Arizona Organix

2nd Place: True OG by Level Up

3rd Place:  MUV Clear by MUV/Alt-Med


1st Place: Terra Bites Blueberry by Monarch

2nd Place: SAP 100mg by Arizona Organix

3rd Place:  200mg Tincture by Tru Infusion


1st Place:  Transdermal Sativa by Yavapai

2nd Place:  Transdermal Indica by Yavapai

3rd Place:  Transdemal Patch Agronomy Innovations