Congratulations to all the winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Canada 2017

Best Booth

1st place – Rosin Tech

2nd place – Dabcor

3rd place – Seven Star

Best Glass

1st place – Water Pipe with Dichroic by Lethal Glass and Evolution Glass

2nd place – Papa’s Pipes by DabNation

3rd place – Bubbler by Gear Premium

Best Product

1st place – Rosin Tech – The Original Rosin Tech Filter Bags

2nd place – DabNation – Papa’s Pipes

3rd place – THC Alchemy Ice Cream by the Alchemy

Best Vaporizer

1st place – Pura Vida

2nd place – Dr. Dabber

3rd place – Cannagold


1st place – Black Cube by Mota

2nd place – Cotton Candy by Mota

3rd place – Double Dose Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup by Sweet Jane’s


1st place – Buddha Bar by Miss Envy

2nd place – Magik by Bare Coconut

3rd place – Green Balm by Mota

CBD Edibles

1st place – Lemon Cran CBD bites by Brio

2nd place – High CBD Truffles by Dabcor

3rd place – CBD Clear Sphere – Pineapple by Mota

CBD Flower

1st place – BCCBD by Dr. Love

2nd place – CBDutch Treat by Dr. Love

3rd place – Auto Cheese by King Crop by Rocky Mountain Kush

CBD Concentrate

1st place – Syringe by Miss Envy

2nd place – Chronic Distraction by Dabcor Happydabbers

3rd place – Cannatonic Rosin by the Rosin Factory

Medically Infused Product

1st place – Eye Drops by Optimal Rush

Vape Cartridge

1st place – Sunset Gelato by Happy Stick

2nd place – Happy Hippie by Happy Stick

3rd place – Live Death Babba by Diamond Extracts

Non-Solvent Hash

1st place – Pink Tangie by Diamond Concentrates

2nd place – White Kush Flower Rosin by The Rosin Factory

3rd place – Romulan by Destiny Biotech

Indica Concentrate

1st place – Scout Master by Diamond Concentrates

2nd place – R.S.K. by Puravida

3rd place – Pink Star x Blue Monkey Live Resin by Diamond Concentrates

Sativa Concentrate

1st place – Tropic Thunder by Puravida

2nd place – Pineapple Tangie by Diamond Concentrates

3rd place – Sweet Skunk by The Highve

Hybrid Concentrate

1st place – Space Cookies by Diamond Concentrates

2nd place – Pineapple Lemon Kush by Puravida

3rd place – White Widow by True North Canna

Indica Flower

1st place – Cindy 99 by Rocky Mountain Kush

2nd place – Master Kush by Endo Extractions

3rd place – London Bridge by The Herbco

Sativa Flower

1st place – Sweet Jesus by Top Leaf

2nd place – Ghost Train Haze by Rocky Mountain Kush

3rd place – Sour Amnesia by Buba Kings

Hybrid Flower

1st place – Chocolate Kush by SWW Farms

2nd place – Voodoo Child by Top Leaf

3rd place – Kraken by Beard Bros


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