The 1st Sun Cup 2018

The first-ever Washington Sun Cup!

In honor of Earth Day, WSIA presented the First Annual SunCup Invitational on April 21, 2018.

The WSIA’s Inaugural SunCup Invitational brought together sungrowers from across Washington to compete for the best sungrown products in the state. Congratulations to the 2018 SunCup Winners and Runners-Up!

This year’s event was centered around Earth Day, intentionally highlighting the environmental benefits of sungrown cannabis cultivation and redirecting the focus of the cannabis industry to its impacts on carbon emissions. In addition to the competition, attendees enjoyed stand-up comedy from Seattle International Comedy Competition Finalist Taylor Clarke, as well as a spectacular presentation from Dr. Ethan Russo, Research and Development Director at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute. Russo discussed the complicated nature of terpene profiles and issues relating to pesticides in cannabis.

All were inspired and humbled by the wonderful, environmentally-conscious cannabis entrepreneurs who showed up to support this year’s event. The energy generated will be built upon as WSIA expands its membership in 2018 and focuses on the 2019 Legislative Session, where policies supporting sungrowers and environmental protections in Washington will be collectively developed and advocated for.

These are the winners!

Full Term THC
1st Place: Puffin Farm – Hindu Kush
2nd Place: Ritual Cannabis – Chernobyl

Full Term CBD
1st Place: Puffin Farm – Remedy
2nd Place: Cascade Gnome – Aliens on Moonshine

Light Dep THC
1st Place: Canna Verde – Green Ribbon
2nd Place: Lazy Bee Gardens – Tesla Tower

Light Dep CBD
1st Place: Eagle Trees – AC/DC
2nd Place: Lazy Bee Gardens – Remedy

Best Aroma
1st Place: Kiona THC – Ol’ Mendo Hashplant

Solventless Concentrate
1st Place: Green Barn Farms – Afghan Kush Hash
2nd Place: Natural Mystic Farm – Dr. Who Hash

CO2 Dab
1st Place: Lazy Bee Gardens – Tangie
2nd Place: Olala – Tesla Tower

Hydrocarbon Dab
1st Place: CannaSol Farms – Golden Goat Wax
2nd Place: Gorge Gold – Purple Petrol

THC Cartridge
1st Place: Olala – OG Grapefruit Krypt
2nd Place: Pearl Extracts – NL 5 Haze

CBD Cartridge
1st Place: Puffin Farm – Dancehall EVFO
2nd Place: Heylo – Harlequin

CBD Concentrate
1st Place: Lazy Bee Gardens – Lilly CBD
2nd Place: Puffin Farm – Remedy EVFO