Clouds In The City Cup Amsterdam

Clouds in the City Cup 2018 – Amsterdam

12-14 October, Amsterdam The Netherlands

Winners of the Clouds in the City Cup 2018

Best Sativa
1st place Coffeeshop Mr K and D With Shoreline
2nd place  Amsfirebrigade collab with Amsterdam Club with Gelonade
3rd place Greenplace with Lemon Tangie

Best Indica
1st place Accelerator Seeds with Platinum Valley
2nd place  Kent Valley Farms with Sour Banana Sherbet
3rd place Soma Seeds with Lavender OG

Best Traditional Hash
1st place Prix Dami with King Hassan
2nd place Green Place Coffeeshop with Gelato Hash
3rd place Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop block with Block

Best Ice-o-lator Hash
1st place Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop with Waterworks
2nd place Accelerator Seeds with Platinum Valley
3rd place Paper Cut Extracts with Marmaduke IWE

Best Artisan Extract
1st place Elite Fowers Co
2nd place Southeastdank
3rd place Warwickshire County Highgrade

Best Edible
1st place NiceThings for Nice People
2nd place Deep Concentration
3rd place Banana Bomb Farms

Best Coffeeshop
1st place Prix Dami
2nd place
3rd place Resin Coffeeshop