High95 Cup

II Edtion of the High 95 Cup – 2018

The High 95 Cup is an East Coast Cannabis Competition held in Maine (Massachussetts).


These are the results of the 2018 High 95 Cup


1st Prize

2nd Place

3rd Place

Indoor Hazy Hillfarm – The Mac Hazy Hillfarm – Motorbreath #15 The Lone Tree – Tropicana Cookies
Sun Grown Jedi Ganja Warrior – Gaia / Sour Diesel x Debo  Hey You2D2 – Grease Monkey x Stardog X Silver Haze Jedi Ganja Warrior – G Funk
Solvent Hazy Hillfarm, Live Resin – GMO Live Resin Hazy Hillfarm, Super Live Resin – Lemontree  Alternative rx Consulting, Barnies Farm – Pineapple Chunk
Solventless Crystal Rose Seed Co. – Dubble Mint Cookies Goldstein – Stardawg x Sour Tangie North Star Farm – Granddaddy Pearl
THC Hazy Hillfarm – Motorbreath #15 Hazy Hillfarm – GMO Garlic Cookies The Lone Tree – Motorbreath #15
CBD The Medicine Farm – Golden Dragon LoveGrown – Purple Heart Hemp The Medicine Farm – Purple Otto