The Winners of the 2019 Detroit Cannabis Cup









The Winners of the 2019 Detroit Cannabis Cup   

Indica Flower
1st Place: Mattybstackers – Peanut Butter Breath
2nd Place: Ript Genetics – Stank Breath
3rd Place: Exotic Genetix – Lip Smacker

Sativa Flower
1st Place: Oowee Farms – Tropicana Cookies
2nd Place: Covert Extracts X GhostBudsters X Midnight Roots
3rd Place: Canna Boys – Tropicana Cookies

Hybrid Flower
1st Place: Special Blend Gardens – Melonade No.7
2nd Place: Mattybstackers – Cookies N’ Cream
3rd Place: Detroit Flower Co x High Brix Growing – Larry Bird

CBD Flower
1st Place: ArborSide Compassion X 16th Street Botanicals – Thunderstruck
2nd Place: Light Sky Farms x ZILLA’s – Moose Cookie
3rd Place: Dabsmiths – Hurkle

1st Place: Kozmic Gardens X Vahalla Labs – Grease Monkey
2nd Place: Swish Dipz X Bless Farms – Live Resin Zkittlez
3rd Place: Special Blend Rolled up – Orange Zkittlez No.6

1st Place: Higherinnovations – Blazed Cashews
2nd Place: Afternoon Delite – Cookies & Cream Cheese Cake
3rd Place: Kozmic Gardens – Coconut Mint Chocolate Chip Push Pop

CBD Edible
1st Place: Kozmic Gardens – Cookies & Coconut 1:1 Push Pop
2nd Place: Mary Palmer – Strawnana Iced Tea Lemonade
3rd Place: ZILLA’S – Feast of St. Valentine

Vape Pens and Cartridges
1st Place: ZILLA’s X LightSky Farms X Fresh Coast Seeds – Gorilla Butter Cartridge
2nd Place: Presto! X Pure Green – Watermelon Zkittles Cartridge
3rd Place: Afternoon Delite – Watermelon Cartridge

Indica Concentrate
1st Place: Michigan Extracts – Grape Valley Kush
2nd Place: Grateful Meds – GMO Live Resin HTFSE / HCFSE Sauce
3rd Place: Canna Boys – Mac 1 Batter

Sativa Concentrate
1st Place: Arborside Compassion X Fregrowli – Clementine Sauce
2nd Place: Canna Boys – Tropicana Cookies Batter
3rd Place: House of Dank X Tree Top Labs – Tropicana Cookies Live Resin Budder

Hybrid Concentrate
1st Place: Arborside Compassion X Fregrowli – Chem N’ Lemon Sauce
2nd Place: Smoky Mountain Medicine – Gorilla Cream Diamonds and Terps
3rd Place: OMG labs X Foreverjl3 – Mr Nice GuyBD Concentrate

CBD Concentrate
1st Place: DC Chronics x Tyson Johnson67 – Strawberry Banana Tonic
2nd Place: DabbeNPort Extracts X Great Lake Extracts x Hollistic CBD – CBD Live Action Gelato X Pennywise
3rd Place: Dabsmiths – Hurkle Live Resin

Non-Solvent Concentrate
1st Place: Special Blend Gardens X Stanky Roc – Banana Sherbert bred by 710 savant
2nd Place: Red Roc inc. X Stanky Roc – Banana Bread Solventless Diamonds and Sauce
3rd Place: Superior Solventless X Mattybstackers – Cookies N’ Cream Rosin

1st Place: Zilla’s – Organic Skin Vitality Cream
2nd Place: Ella Essentals X Magna Carta – Full Spectrum Body Butter
3rd Place: Urban Roots x Olympian Nectar – Full Spectrum Freeze Cream

Hemp-Derived CBD Product
1st Place: Ella Essentials – Calm Roll-On CBD Oil
2nd Place: Mary’s Methods – Dead Sea Mud Face Mask
3rd Place: The Hemp Candle – CBD Massage Candle