Harvest Cup

The Winners of the 2019 Harvest Cup Held in December 2019 at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA

Indica Flower:
1st place – Mango Smoothie – City Slickers
2nd place – Purple Sunset – Northeast Alternatives

Sativa Flower:
1st place – Mandarin Cookies – Northeast Alternatives
2nd place – Ice Cream Man – Northeast Alternatives

Sweet Edible:
1st place – Pizzelle Medicated, 40mg – Thomas Cincotti (Cannavitalife)
2nd place – Blissful Dreamz Truffles – Roots2Remedies

Savory Edible:
1st place – Peach Mango Salsa – Panda
2nd place – Buffalo Chicken Dip – City Slickers

CBD Flower/Extract:
1st place – Apple PHARM – Rogues Island Genetics

1st place – Tropicana Cookies Wax – Adam Sanders (Cultivate)
2nd place – Lemon OG Candy – Shamanic Roots

CBD Edibles:
1st place – Strawberry Hot Paper Lantern CBD Jam – Averyl Andrade (Between the Rows)
2nd place – Tea Time CBD Tea Bags – Mary Palmer

1st place – Mellowberry Myrcene – Jenni Christman & Steve Havey (TerpLife)
2nd place – Strawnana Iced Tea Lemonade – Mary Palmer

Topicals, Transdermals, and Oils:
1st place – Lavender Scented Full Spectrum Cannabis Salve – Laura Huard (Hole in the Wall Skin Care)
2nd place – CBD:THC Muscle Freeze – Adam Sanders (Cultivate)

CBD Topicals, Transdermals, and Oils:
1st place – Clover Leaf Repair & Relief Balm – Clover Leaf
2nd place – 24K Gold Anti-Aging CBD Face Serum – Laura Huard (Hole in the Wall Skin Care)

Syrups, Sauces, and Tinctures:
1st place – Strawberry Jalapeno Marmalade – Aaron Barth (TriCann Alternatives)
2nd place – THC BBQ Sauce – Mary Palmer