The Emerald Cup

The 2019 Emerald Cup Awards


These are the winners of the 2019 Emerald Cup!

Best Booth
Nice Guys Delivery featuring Albert Einstone’s

Bob Snodgrass Award (Glass Artist)

Breeders Hall of Fame
Mel Frank

Breeders Cup
POG (Passion Orange Guava) – Greenshock Farms, Mendocino

BHO Liquid
1st place  Zkittles – Terp Hogz/Humboldt Terp Council,  Mendocino
2nd place  Banjo – Humboldt Terp Council, Humboldt
3rd pjace  ErrlHill-BlueBerryMuffins live resin from the Humboldt Seed Company – ErrlHill x The Humboldt Seed Company, Humboldt

BHO – Solid
1st place  Rainbow Driver Suprize Suprize – Sabertooth Farms Humboldt
2nd place  Strawberry Banana Batter ArcataX, Royal Budline Humboldt
3rd place  Live Resin Project Red Congolese CWG Botanicals Alameda

Carts – CO2
1st place  Nectar – Ancient Lime Eel River Organics, Humboldt
2nd place  Elevated Sativa Vape Cartridge – Humboldt Alchemy Group, Humboldt
3rd place  Ghost Train Haze – Accentian x Gold Drop, Alameda

Carts – Distillates
1st place The Monarch Tangie -Legion of Bloom of Bloom x Ridge Top Botanicals –  Sonoma
2nd place  Roses Sauce Cartridge – Beezle Brands, Sonoma
3rd place  The Monarch Banjo Solventless Terpenes – Legion of Bloom x Humboldt Trees, Sonoma

Carts – Live Resin
1st place  Lime Mojito Refined Live Resin Cartridge – Raw Garden, Santa Barbara
2nd place  California Sauce Lemon Cake – Legion of Bloom, Sonoma
3rd place  Blue River x Talking Trees Angel Food Cake Jelly Cart – Advesa Wellness x Talking Trees, Alameda

CBD – Tinctures
1st place  Chemistry x Lady Sativa Farm: Lady Benbow Full Spectrum High CBD Tincture SG Scientific x Chemistry x Lady Sativa Farm, Alameda
2nd place  Fiddler’s Green ACDC Rogue Tincture – Fiddler’s Green (High Tide Mfg. Inc) Sonoma
3rd place  Humboldt Harvest Tincture-wellbeing CBD Rich – Humboldt Harvest – Humboldt

CBD – Topicals
1st place  Deep Soak – Newell’s Botanicals, Sacramento
2nd place  REWIND for Restoration – MPlant Productions, San Mateo
3rd place  High CBD Tincture – CAD, Sacramento

CBD – Hemp Topicals
1st place  CBD Infused Body Oil Rose Geranium – Akashic Creations DBA Om Wellness, Alameda
2nd place  Weed Sport CBD – Canna Sport CBD, Los Angeles
3rd place  CBD Athletic Epsom Salt – Akashic Creations DBA Om Wellness, Alameda

CBD – Carts Product Name Entrant County
1st place  Chemistry x Wildland Farm: Electric Jah Full Spectrum Cart – SC Scientific, Alameda
2nd place  Humboldt Alchemy’s Cannatonic 6:1 CBD Vape Pen Cartridge – Humboldt Alchemy Group, Humboldt
3rd place  Island Twist Refined Live Resin CBD 2:1 Cartridge – Raw Garden, Santa Barbara

CBD – Edibles
1st place  SolDaze Tropical Mango Fruit Bites SolDaze, Stanislaus
2nd place  Somatik Golden Berry Sparks Somatik x Endorphin Foods, San Francisco
3rd place  SolDaze Strawberry Mango CBD Lyfted Farms Stanislaus

CBD – Flower
1st place  Holy Crunch Phytologie Alameda
2nd place  Medihaze Foothill River Farms Nevada
3rd place  Harle Bubba Amaranth Farms Humboldt

CBD – Concentrates
1st place  Susie Q Live Budder Blessed Extracts Yolo

Edibles – Sweet
1st place  Cannabis Infused Granola Clusters – Atlas Edibles, Alameda
2nd place  Binske Gummy Mango 100mg – Binske, Humboldt
3rd place  Strawberry & Rhubarb – Coda, Alameda

Edibles – Savory
1st place  All Natural Peanut Butter Zendo Edibles Orange
2nd place  Mandarin Teriyaki THC Infused Beef Jerky Sticks – Stoned Age Edible Company, Alameda

Edibles – Beverage
1st place  Tinley High Horse Spicy Ginger & Lime Sparkling Tonic – Vet’s Leaf & Lakewood Libations, Riverside
2nd place  Tinley ’27 Coconut Cask Elixir – Vet’s Leaf & Lakewood Libations, Riverside
3rd place  Pink House of Saka, Napa

Flower – Personal Use   
1st place  LA Kush Cake – Paula Jobe-Hudgens, Nevada
2nd place  “Skunky” Cookies     Jon “Texas” Kelley
3rd place  Blackjack      Debbie Perticara         Humboldt

Flower – Pre Roll  
Talking Trees Farms Mixed Light “it’s It” Pre Roll       Talking Trees Farms    Humboldt

Flower – Mixed Light Flower 
1st place  Ice Cream Cake        Josh D. Santa Barbara
2nd place  T.I.T.S.          Diamondback Genetics           Yolo
3rd place  OG T.I.T.S.    Diamondback Genetics           Yolo

Flower – Sungrown  
1st place  Ridgeline Runtz        Ridgeline Farms          Humboldt
2nd place  POG (Passion Orange Guava)          Greenshock Farms      Mendocino
3 White Runtz Humboldt Redwood Healing  Humboldt

Ice Water Hash
1st place  THC BOMB 104u Water Hash Papa’s Select Grown by Humboldt Kine Farms Humboldt
2nd place  Peanut Butter Breath 104u Water Hash Papa’s Select Grown by Humboldt Kine Farms Humboldt
3rd place  Wedding Crasher 104u Water Hash Papa’s Select Grown Humboldt

Packaging – Eco-Conscious
MMGreen Cannaster – MMGreen Packaging Solutions, Santa Cruz County

Packaging – Most Innovative
SULA Breathable Cannabis Dispersa Labs Alameda

Regenerative Farms Award

Solventless Rosin Winners 
1st place  Fruit Stripe Rosin     Zenganic Inc. Kalya Extracts, Sours    Alameda
2nd place  Banana Cream Rosin – Zenganic Inc., Kalya Extracts & Monterey Kush Co.   Alameda
3rd place  Garlic Juice Rosin     Zenganic Inc, Kalya Extracts, Dancing Dog Ranch      Alameda

1st place  Elderberry Elixer – OM Edibles, Alameda
2nd place  Equanimity Tincture – Bloomfield, Nevada
3rd place  Humboldt Harvest Tincture – THC Humboldt Harvest, Humboldt

1st place  Deep Down Athletic Balm – Cosmic View, Marin
2nd place  Brightening Eye Cream Green Bee Botanicals, San Francisco
3rd place  Love Balm Om Edibles, Alameda