High Times Cannabis Cup est 1988

2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Nevada

Las Vegas, December 11-14, 2019.

The Winners of the 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Nevada

Indica Flower
1st Place: Lava Cake by Greenway Medical
2nd Place: Lemon OG by Dojo Cannaco
3rd Place: Orange 43 by Bohemian Brothers

Hybrid Flower
1st Place: Super Glue by Fiore Cannabis
2nd Place: Jet Fuel by Pheno Exotic
3rd Place: Starkiller by Greenway Medical

Sativa Flower
1st Place: Melonade by Pheno Exotic
2nd Place: Orange Creamsicle by Greenway Medical
3rd Place: Jack Herer by Desert Grown Farms

1st Place: Guava Jelly Infused Pre-Roll by White Lvbel
2nd Place: Sweet Clementine Infused Palm Pre-Roll by Matrix
3rd Place: M.A.C Pre-Roll by LOADED x Pheno Exotic

Indica Concentrates
1st Place: Phatt Fruity Live Resin Badder by Tsunami x GT Flower
2nd Place: Grape Pie Live Resin by MPX
3rd Place: 707 Headband Live Resin Sauce Diamonds by Remedy

Hybrid Concentrates
1st Place: Zweet Insanity by Aether
2nd Place: Flodica Live Resin Badder by Tsunami x GT Flower
3rd Place: King Kong OG Sky Resin Sugar by Remedy

Sativa Concentrates
1st Place: Memory Loss Live Resin Badder by Tsunami x GT Flower
2nd Place: Tangilope Live Sugar by Matrix
3rd Place: Hoover Dam Live Resin Diamonds by Binske

Vape Pens & Cartridges
1st Place: Animal Face Solventless Cart by Camp
2nd Place: Super Silver Haze Dart Pod by Moxie
3rd Place: Phatt Fruity Live Resin HTE Cart by Tsunami x GT Flower

CBD Vape Pens and Cartidges
1st Place: Cosmic Karma CBD Cart by AiroPro
2nd Place: Remedies 1:1 CBD Cart by ROVE
3rd Place: 1:1 CBD/ THC Calm Cart by City Trees

1st Place: Chocolate Caramel Brownie by Vert Unlimited
2nd Place: Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar by Evergreen Organix
3rd Place: Blue Agave Tincture by City Trees

Hemp-Derived CBD
1st Place: CBD Tangy Citrus by Cannadips
2nd Place: Arnica Healing Balm by CBD by Cali x Tru Harvest
3rd Place: Mango CBD Infused Ice by Mt Everetts

1st Place: Flex-All Lavender 2:1 CBD Cream by LVX
2nd Place: Pain Relief Balm by HOPE Premium Cannabis Product
3rd Place: Manna Transdermal Patch by Silver State Wellness

People’s Choice: Best Booth
1st Place: Jerome Baker
2nd Place: CBD by Cali
3rd Place: Green Heaven

People’s Choice: Best Product
1st Place: Jerome Baker Bong by Jerome Baker
2nd Place: Arnica Menthol Balm 1000mg by CBD by Cali
3rd Place: Skywalker OG Pre-Roll by Green Heaven