High Times Hemp Cup Peoples Choice

2020 High Times Hemp Cup

The Hemp Cup of 2020 brought together competitors from all divisions of the hemp space.
Here are the products that stood out and won the judges’ hearts in this spin-off of the Cannabis Cup:

First Place: Hawaiian Haze Hemp CBD Flower by Gold Standard CBD
Second Place: Zero G CBD Flower by Hometown Hero
Third Place: Sour Space Candy CBD Flower by Grateful Beginnings Farm & OrganaCBD

First Place: Luxury Hemp Live Resin Lot #LR001 by Magu’s Nectar
Second Place: Otto II Live Resin by Hemp Hop
Third Place: GAS CBD Terpsolate by Alliance Hemp Co.

Edibles: Food
First Place: Evening Collection 135mg Truffle Set by Grön
Second Place: 180mg Hemp CBD Chocolate Bar by Green Roads World
Third Place: Taste of the Island CBD Gummy Bears by Zilla’s

Edibles: Non-Food
First Place: 3000mg Magical Creme de Menthe CBD Tincture by Magical Butter
Second Place: Vanilla Flavor 1500mg CBD Daily 50 Tincture by Myriam’s
Third Place: Cannabidiol Capsules by Zilla’s

Vape Pens and Cartridges
First Place: Apricot Night Time Vape by Drip CBD
Second Place: White Fire 200mg CBD Vape by Fuego CBD
Third Place: Revive 500mg CBD Vape by ECO Therapy

First Place: Paradise OG Hemp Kief Joint by CBD Hemp Direct
Second Place: Motorhead/ Sherbinskis Kush Hemp Pre-Roll by California Finest
Third Place: CBD Blunts by Hometown Hero

First Place: 20mg CBD Lip Balm Assortment by Windy Hill Hemp Co.
Second Place: Lavender Bath Bomb by Hugs Wellness
Third Place: Ubuntu 500mg Hemp CBD Rose Cream by Canvas 1839

Pet Products
First Place: Natural Chicken & Bacon Flavored Hip & Joint Health CBD Chews by Heelr
Second Place: Peanut Butter Pet Tincture by SunMed
Third Place: 300mg Omega-3 Pet Oil Pump by VESL Oils