Cannapedia Growers Cup

Cannapedia Growers Cup 2020 – Autoflower Cup Edition –  კანაპედია მებაღეთა

The Cannapedia Growers Cup is a cannabis growers competition celebrated in Georgia.

The Autoflower Cup Editon is the 2nd edition of the Cannapedia Growers Cup. It was held on the 17th of January of 2020 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

These are the Winners!

Best Sativa: Grown by Pomona Sprout / Auto Creeper – SSSC

Best Indica: Grown by Zuruban Poisonia / Strawberry Pie – 2Fast4Buds

Best Hybrid: Grown by Infernal / Auto Kong 4 – Paradise Seeds

Best CBD: Grown by Luca Brasi / White Widow Auto CBD – Dutch Passion

Best Grow: Grown by Yoang Money Mahomes / Auto Cinderella Jack – Dutch Passion

People’s Choice: Grown by Nino Jerruti / Think Different – Dutch Passion