Renewable Materials Award

Renewable Material of the Year 2021

The Renewable Materials Conference took place in Cologne, Germany and online from 18–20 May 2021.

During the three-day international Renewable Materials Conference Vepa and partner Plantics won the prestigious Innovation Award. The Hemp Chair Collection was crowned Renewable Material of the Year 2021. The jury was particularly impressed by the unique composition of the product. The seat shell is made of hemp and resin that is completely organic,
plant-based and recyclable.

Plantics is based in Arhem and develops new, completely circular biobased composites, foams, and coatings. They are based on an invention by the University of Amsterdam, that resulted in a unique new family of thermoset bio-resins and materials.

The hemp used grows without any fertilizers or pesticides in the Chemport region (north of the Netherlands). ‘We produce hemp fibre mats impregnated with the thermoset bio-resins. Our partner, the furniture manufacturer Vepa from Hoogeveen, presses these mats into seat shells.’ These shells are an alternative for plastics, and the entire production chain is carbon negative, said Plantics’ CEO Wridzer Bakker.

He added: ‘This is the Champions League of renewable carbon, it is a great honour to have won this prize’,

The hemp chair Renewable Material 2021