Nevada Cannabis Awards 2021

After thousands of votes counted and presented on July 10th in Las Vegas, here are your 2021 Nevada Cannabis Awards winners!

These are the winners!

1st Place: Tyler Cook (Polaris MMJ)
2nd Place: Ryan George (AMA)
3rd Place: Michael Kassabian (The Grower Circle)

1st Place: Lyssa Charmaine
2nd Place: Nic
3rd Place: Starfox

Extraction Artist
1st Place: Greg Magno (AMA)
2nd Place: Christopher (1OWE) Johnson
3rd Place: Trichome Tortoise

1st Place: Beans
2nd Place: Ace 710
3rd Place: G

LV Model
1st Place: Stonyah Blaze
2nd Place: Lyssa Charmaine
3rd Place: Medicated Marley

Artist / Painter
1st Place: Glendyll Casia
2nd Place: Sean Keith
3rd Place: Nug Jewelz

1st Place: Puffin With Muffin
2nd Place: April Deee
3rd Place: Canna Katie Photos

1st Place: Blu Ray
2nd Place: Rachel Loria
3rd Place: Tara Maligmat

1st Place: Trisha’s Treats
2nd Place: Chef Turtle
3rd Place: Elyza Elio (The Blazed Chef )

Model Worldwide
1st Place: Tyler Therapy
2nd Place: Cloud 9 Baby
3rd Place: Miss Grey

1st Place: Valerie Wong
2nd Place: Montel Williams

1st Place: Muziq
2nd Place: Bunz Bunny
3rd Place: Aubree Valentine

Host / MC
1st Place: Stoner Rob
2nd Place: Remy LBC
3rd Place: Modest Jones

Female Entrepreneur
1st Place: Monique Ridgeway (Press And Sesh)
2nd Place: Marnie Montrey (Hemp Queen Edibles)
3rd Place: Angel Roselle

Male Entrepreneur
1st Place: Shauniee Stylez (Man Boy Mafia)
2nd Place: Brandon Cotner (Clean Hits)
3rd Place: Christopher (1OWE) Johnson

Event Planner
1st Place: Monique Ridgeway
2nd Place: Rebecca Perrick (Woman Grow)
3rd Place: J C Coats (Culture Cannabis)

Make-Up Artist
1st Place: Blu Ray
2nd Place: Krystale Ortiz
3rd Place: Kristina Russo

Social Media Influencer
1st Place: Ganja Goddess Becca
2nd Place: Medicated Marley
3rd Place: Koala Puffss

1st Place: Brandonfromvegas
2nd Place: Melinda Sue
3rd Place: Rick Schetinski

Tattoo Artist
1st Place: Tyler Cooper
2nd Place: James Keller
3rd Place: Toofless

1st Place: Jb1rdnv
2nd Place: Tina Ulman
3rd Place: Sparkles

Brand Ambassador
1st Place: Matthew (All Brand Ambassadors 702)
2nd Place: Darby Wilson (Cannavative)
3rd Place: Monique Ridgeway (Rove)

Non Profit
1st Place: Chamber Of Cannabis
2nd Place: Baked Old Ladies
3rd Place: Nevada NormL

Dispensary Products
1st Place: Ice Cream Cake By Polaris MMJ
2nd Place: Black Mamba By AMA
3rd Place: Cosa Nostra By The Grower Circle

Indica Flower
1st Place: Ice Cream Cake By Polaris MMJ
2nd Place: Black Mamba By AMA
3rd Place: Cosa Nostra By The Grower Circle

Sativa Flower
1st Place: Miss X By GLP
2nd Place: Diamond Dust By Virtue
3rd Place: Durban Poison By Remedy

Hybrid Flower
1st Place: Head Cheese By Polaris MMJ
2nd Place: Cookies And Chem By AMA
3rd Place: Grape Pie By GLP

Indica Vape
1st Place: Chem OG By The Clear Elite
2nd Place: Kush By Rove
3rd Place: Fruity Pebbles OG By City Trees

Sativa Vape
1st Place: Lime Sorbert By The Clear Elite
2nd Place: Haze By Rove
3rd Place: Jack Herer By City Trees

Hybrid Vape
1st Place: Blue Raz By The Clear Elite
2nd Place: Sherbet By Rove
3rd Place: Cherry Limeade By Airopro

Disposable THC Dominant Vape Pen
1st Place: Black Cherry Soda By The Clear Reserve
2nd Place: Waui By Rove
3rd Place: Church OG By Church Cannabis Co.

1st Place: Wet Dream By Panna Extracts
2nd Place: Wedding Cake By Trendi
3rd Place: Hardcore OG By BAM

1st Place: Mandarin Cookies By Panna Extracts
2nd Place: Ghost Train Haze By Trendi & Reina
3rd Place: Sugar

1st Place: Miss X By GLP
2nd Place: Gas Valley By The Grower Circle
3rd Place: Animal Face By CAMP

Buddar / Batter
1st Place: Funky Monkey By AMA
2nd Place: French Toast By Tsunami
3rd Place: Mimosa Batter By Hyve Extracts

Rick Simspon Oil
1st Place: RSO By Cannavative
2nd Place: RSO By Panna Extracts
3rd Place: Rick Simpson Oil By Remedy

Pre Roll
1st Place: Ice Cream Cake By Polaris
2nd Place: Saturn OG By The Grower Circle
3rd Place: MAC Preroll By GLP

1st Place: Jack Herer By City Trees
2nd Place: Calm Syringe By Hope
3rd Place: Infused Pre Roll

Tinctures / Drops
1st Place: 3500MG Tinctures By Cosset Wellness
2nd Place: 1000MG Calm By Canna Hemp
3rd Place: 1000MG Gelatti By Cookies

1st Place: Seeds – Weed Guardians Family Tree
2nd Place: Extraction Company – Tsunami
3rd Place: Testing Lab – DB Labs

Fastest Growing Cultivation
1st Place: Polaris MMJ
2nd Place: Green Life Production
3rd Place: Fleur

Nutrients In Las Vegas
1st Place: Key Grow Solutions
2nd Place: Remo Nutrients
3rd Place: General Hydroponics

1st Place: Polaris MMJ
2nd Place: Alternative Medicine Association (AMA)
3rd Place: The Grower Circle

Grow Lighting
1st Place: Luxx Lighting
2nd Place: Aelius LED
3rd Place: LED FOHSE

Dispensary Community
1st Place: Dispensary
2nd Place: Jardín
3rd Place: Exhale

1st Place: Mel (Jardín)
2nd Place: Shane Weidmark (Exhale)
3rd Place: Rob Rukus (Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary)

Delivery Service
1st Place: Jardín
2nd Place: Exhale
3rd Place: Green Cannabis Co.

Dispensary Purchasing Manager
1st Place: Rick Karmokar (Jardín)
2nd Place: Tyler Brennan (Exhale Dispensary)
3rd Place: Christine ‘Mamma Bear’ Gamez (Jade Cannabis Co.)

Dispensary Receptionist
1st Place: Strange (The Apothecarium)
2nd Place: Lindsay (The Dispensary)
3rd Place: Nitequeen (Cultivate Cannabis Dispensary)

Dispensary Manager
1st Place: Jesse Harrington (Jardín)
2nd Place: Tyler Brennan (Exhale Dispensary)
3rd Place: Tweedy (Exhale Brands Nevada)

Dispensary Marketing
1st Place: Semii (Jardín)
2nd Place: Nicole Silverman (Curaleaf)
3rd Place: Margaux Elektra Hansberry (The Grove)

Dispensary Security
1st Place: Barry Hicks (CannaStarz)

Education / Classes / Speakers
1st Place: Educator
2nd Place: Tee
3rd Place: Jason Strutsman

1st Place: JM Balbuena
2nd Place: Tina
3rd Place: Jason Strutsman (Budtender Fight Club)

Cannabis Class Offered
1st Place: Budtender Fight Club
2nd Place: Know Mommy
3rd Place: Las Vegas NormL

Technology / Software
1st Place: Cannabis App
2nd Place: Leafly
3rd Place: Weedmaps

Smoke Shop / Accessories / Glass
1st Place: Smoke Shop
2nd Place: Gorilla Radio
3rd Place: Biggie Smoke Shop

Smoking Device
1st Place: HuniBadger
2nd Place: Puff Co.
3rd Place: Airopro

Rolling Papers
1st Place: Raw
2nd Place: Backwoods
3rd Place: Million Bananas

Clothing And Apparel
1st Place: Manboy Mafia
2nd Place: Weed Be Better Off
3rd Place: Loudd Pax

Glass Brand Worldwide
1st Place: Jerome Baker Designs
2nd Place: Zong
3rd Place: Mothership Glass

Glass Artist
1st Place: Jason (Jerome Baker)
2nd Place: Ethereal
3rd Place: Boro Vitrics

Events / Entertainment
1st Place: LV Comedian
2nd Place: Betty Krocker
3rd Place: Nickjamesbish

1st Place: Tyler Therapy
2nd Place: Young Keefa
3rd Place: Cashavelli Music

Stoner Movie
1st Place: Half Baked
2nd Place: Pineapple Express
3rd Place: Friday

1st Place: The Hippy Chronicles
2nd Place: The Canna Boss Babes
3rd Place: 520 Aftermath

Trade Show
1st Place: Champs Trade Shows
2nd Place: Glass Vegas
3rd Place: MJBizCon

Event / Awards
1st Place: Kush Stock
2nd Place: High Times
3rd Place: Culture & Cannabis

News / Magazines
1st Place: Magazine
2nd Place: Vegas Cannabis Magazine
3rd Place: The Successful Cannapreneur By JM Balbuena

Edibles / Drinks
1st Place: Vegan Edible
2nd Place: Huckleberry By Wyld
3rd Place: Sweet Assorted Pucks By Highly Edible

Sugar Free Edible
1st Place: Dark Chocolate Bar-By Evergreen Organix
2nd Place: Sugar Free Dark Chocolate By OMG

Edible Brand
1st Place: Wyld Canna
2nd Place: Kalvara
3rd Place: Canna Punch

Chocolate Bar
1st Place: Sin City Chocolate Bar By Incredibles
2nd Place: Mint Chocolate Bar By Evergreen Organix

Drink Mix
1st Place: OG Watermelon By Cannalean
2nd Place: Legal Lean
3rd Place: The Happiest Hour Good Energy

Rice Crispy
1st Place: Rice Crispy By Vert
2nd Place: Rice Crispy Treats By Evergreen Organix

1st Place: Chocolate Chip Brownie By Vert Unlimited
2nd Place: Brownie By Effex Supply Co.

1st Place: Dried Apricot By Cannabella
2nd Place: Fruit Slabs

Beverage Brand
1st Place: Aquablis
2nd Place: Cannalean
3rd Place: Kalvara

Gummie Candy
1st Place: Flight Bites By The Grower Circle
2nd Place: Raspberry Gummies By WYLD
3rd Place: Highly Edible By Canna Punch

1st Place: Sour Grape Mints By Váli
2nd Place: Wildberry Mints By Verano

1st Place: Strawberry By Cannalean
2nd Place: Kalvara
3rd Place: Blood Orange By The Happiest Hour

1st Place: Aquablis
2nd Place: Water Hint Of Orange By Haha Edibles

Winner: CBD Capsules (Soft & Liquid Gels)
2nd Place: 10MG Immunity Booster By Cosset Wellness
3rd Place: 750MG Capsules By Cross Country Wellness

CBD Tinctures / Drops
1st Place: 1000MG By Cosset Wellness
2nd Place: 2500MG By Cross Country Wellness
3rd Place: 7500 MG By Pharma Xtracts

CBD Edibles
1st Place: Gummies By Cosset Wellness
2nd Place: Assorted Pucks By Highly Edible
3rd Place: Royalty Drizzle By Hemp Queen Edibles

Pet Products
1st Place: Pawsome CBD By Cosset Wellness
2nd Place: 500MG Pet Tincture By Pharma Xtracts
3rd Place: 500MG Peanut Butter By Grön

Topicals / Beauty Brand / Skin Care / Hair
Body Cream
1st Place: Relief Cream By Cosset Wellness
2nd Place: Avocado Lemongrass by Ego(Evergreen Organix)
3rd Place: Extra Strength By Apothecanna

Beauty Brand
1st Place: Jade Healing Co.
2nd Place: Exotic Wellness From Queen Xotics

Topical Brand
1st Place: Cross Country Wellness
2nd Place: Pharma Xtracts
3rd Place: Nordic Goddess

Skin Care Brand
1st Place: De La Beuh Body
2nd Place: Jade Healing Co.
3rd Place: Canna Hemp