Grow Up Cannabis Industry Awards 2022

2022 Grow Up Industry Awards Winners

September 12, 2022 Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

Master Category

Master Grower of the Year – Stacie Hollingworth
Craft Producer of the Year – Parkland Flower
Celebrity Grower of the Year – Jim Belushi
Extraction Specialist of the Year – El Hasho – BIG
Cannabis Education Award – Niagara College
Outstanding Cannabis Cultivation Research – Mother Lab
Online Cannabis Cultivation News Source – High Canada Magazine


Product of the Year – Ghost Drops
Environmental Impact Award – Bio Quality
Packaging Equipment – Boveda
Lighting System – Aelius LED
Drying And Curing – VT Dry & Cure Technologies
Best Growing Media – Medicoir Coco
HVACD System and Controls – Quest
Extraction Equipment – Wacky Willy
Testing/Laboratory Equipment – Rad Source Technologies
Best Trimming Equipment – Mobius
Best Sanitation Product or Company – SHYIELD
Post Extraction Equipment – Evolved Extraction


Best Packaging, Labeling & Supplies – ND Supplies Inc
Best Nutrients and Biostimulants Product – Remo Nutrients
Cannabis Consultant of the Year – David Hyde- Hyde Advisory/CannaNavigators
Best Extraction Services Provider – TIE   Final Bell & ExtractX
Best Lab/Testing Facility – A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.
Integrated Pest Management Company of the Year – Anatis Bioprotection
Best Engineering Service and Facility Design – D’Anterior
Best Genetics / Seeds Provider of the Year – Segra
Cannabis Product Distributor – Joint Ventures Craft Cannabis
Best Plant Propagation/Breeding – Mother Labs
Best Cannabis Cultivation Supplier/Distributor – GreenPlanet Wholesale
Cannabis Cultivation Magazine of the Year – Grow Opportunity