Clouds In The City Cup Amsterdam

Cloud in the City Cup 2022

Held at NDSM Amsterdam on 6, 7, 8, and 9 October.

These are the Winners of the Cloud in the City Cup 2022

Best VIP Sativa
1st place: Amsterdam Fire Brigade – Sour Zkittlez
2nd place: Seed Stockers – Triton Biscotto Lime
3rd place: Growers Choice – Strawberry Sour Diesel Amnesia

Best VIP Indica
1st place: Growers Choice – Ultra Violet GMO
2nd place: Paradise Seeds / Compound Genetics – High Society
3rd place: Coffeeshop 137 – Kosher Kush

Best VIP Hash
1st place: Hash Broz / Gold Green – Acai Cake, Black Farm Genetics
2nd place: Growers Choice – Sour Zkittlez
3rd place: Medusa Dabs – Hash Ball

Best Non Solvent
1st place: Fat Beans – Strain H18
2nd place: Fat Beans – Strain RM4
3rd place: Laboratorio Chimico Extractor – LOTTO 34122

Best Solvent
Medusa Dabs – Strain Mix

Best CBD Product
1st place: WeNeed – Gorilla Mandarine CBD
2nd place: Mystery Bees – CBD Honey Natural
3rd place: Goldfish CBD – Fruity Kush CBD

Best Edible
1st place: Seed Stockers – Panty Punch Cookie
2nd place: Gambit Gasolina – Gambit’s Stroopwafel Cookie Squares
3rd place: Goldfish Amsterdam – Space Lolly

Best Coffeeshops Strains
1st place: Coffeeshop 137 – Kosher Kush
2nd place: Coffeeshop Freedom – Amnesia
3rd place: Het Gelderse – Kosher Kush