NMGC 2022 poster

New Mexico Growers Cup 2022 – La Luz, NM

These are the winners of the New Mexico Growers Cup (NMGC) 2022

1st place:
Baked Baked Goods – Baklava Rolls
2nd place: Pheno Farms – Strawberry Cheesecake
3rd place: The Good Moose – Breakfast Cookie

1st place: About Dab Time – Gastro Pop #8
2nd place: About Dab Time – El Chivo #9
3rd place: Cruces Craft Cannabis – Peach Rings

1st place: Bird Pham Farms
2nd place: Bird Pham Farms
3rd place: Bird Pham Farms

CBD Flower
1st place: CHE Farms

Sativa Flower
1st place: 505 Grower – Tropicanna Cherry
2nd place: Scott Ransom – MAC Driver
3rd place: Daniel Strings – Purple Haze

Indica Flower
1st place: Dank Desert Crew – El Chivo
2nd place: Dank Desert Crew – Grape Gasoline
3rd place: Harvest Foundation – Gastro Pop

Hybrid Flower
1st place: Harvest Foundation – Delicacy
2nd place: p37 – Runtz
3rd place: Scott Ransom – Grape Rock MAC