Errl Cup
Errl Cup – Spring Awards 2023

The Errl Cup Cannabis Awards & Festival in Arizona is focused on consumer appreciation and dispensary accountability. It is free for adults 21+ and MMJ cardholders to attend. 

These are the winners of the 2023 Errl Cup, Spring Awards!

Flower – Indica
1st place: Aeriz – Peanut Butter Mintz
2nd place: Genesis Bioceuticals – Gelato #41
3rd place:  Halo Cannabis – Shady Icee

Flower – Sativa
1st place: Genesis Bioceuticals – Lemon Meringue
2nd place: Verano – Tres Leches
3rd place:  Item 9 Labs – Dosi Whoa

Flower – Hybrid
1st place: Alien Labs – Biskante
2nd place: Shango – Frosted Donuts
3rd place:  Mohave Cannabis Co – Super Boof

Concentrate – Indica
1st place: Hashishans / AZCS – Zkittlez Cake LR
2nd place: Genesis Bioceuticals – Dirty Zkittlez LR Butter
3rd place:  Mohave Cannabis CO – Censored Mints

Concentrate – Sativa
1st place: Genesis Bioceuticals – Strawberry n Cream LR Batter
2nd place: Aeriz – Animal Face Sugar
3rd place:  Glorious Extracts – Sour Diesel

Concentrate – Hybrid
1st place: Deep Roots Pharm – Southern Charmer Shatter
2nd place: Mohave Cannabis Co – Super Boof
3rd place:  Glorious Extracts – White Walker
1st place: KAYA – Raw Distillate

1st place: Genesis Bioceuticals – Tropical Sleigh Ride LR Applesauce
2nd place: Aeriz – Jack Herer
3rd place:  Sublime – Camels Straw Sauce

1st place: Abundant Organics – Jenny Kush
2nd place: Shango – Chem Bow
3rd place:  Aeriz – Glue LHR

1st place: Amber – Det Flave
2nd place: Aerz – Jenny Kush
Edible – Savory
1st place: Sublime – Spicy Southwest Pretzels

Edible – Sweet
1st place: Sublime – Lemon Tea Cakes Bites
2nd place: Koala Edibles – Banana Pudding Koala Bar
3rd place:  KIVA – Kiva Camino Gummies

Edible – Beverage
1st place: Flowerade – Lavender Kush Lemonaide
2nd place: Sip Elixirs – Hurricane Party
3rd place:  Tonic Becerage Co – Tonic Mango Pineapple

Edible – CBD
1st place: Vital – Blood Orange 1:1 Gummies
2nd place: Kick AZ Infusions – Tripple Berry Gourmet Gummies 1:1 CBD

Vape Pen – Indica
1st place: DIME Industries – Forbidden Fruit 1g
2nd place: Sauce Essentials – Blueberry Kush LR Disposable
3rd place: TRU Infusion – Zombie Cookies Liquid Diamands

Vape Pen – Sativa
1st place: Bud Bros – Mowie Wowie
2nd place: DIME Industries – Blueberry Lemon Haze 1g
3rd place: Sauce Essentials – Jack Diesel LR Disposable

Vape Pen – Hybrid
1st place: DIME Industries – Pink Lemon Haze 1g Disposable
2nd place: Bud Bros – Thunderberry Mojito
3rd place: Aeriz – Crepes Element Vape

Vape Pen-CBD
1st place: KAYA – GDP X Harlequin SolStix

1st place: LUSH – Derma Freeze 600mg
2nd place: Chronic Health – THC Pain Relief Ointment
3rd place: The Happy Hippie – Miracle Cream

Tincture – THC
1st place: Chronic Health – THC Glycerin Tincture 200mg

Tincture – CBD
1st place: The Happy Hippie – Bad Tummy Tincture
2nd place: Chronic Health – 1:1 Glycerin Tincture 100mg

Hand-Crafted Product
1st place: Father & Sons Weed – Ice Hash Infused Pre Roll
2nd place: Diablo Cannabis Co – GPF Next Level EL Jefe
3rd place: MOSS – MOSS Infused Nugs

1st place: Aeriz – Durban Posion Dablicator
2nd place: KAYA – Health Oil