Made in Thailand Cannabis Cup 2023

8 -10 December 2023 at The Bazaar Hotel, Agape Garden 888, 8 Soi Phahon Yothin 54/4, Khwaeng Sai Mai, Bangkok, Thailand

The first MIT Can Cup in Thailand. Objectives:

1. Be a competitive arena for new innovation among cannabis growers expecting 140 farms to attend this event features in-door, green-house and out-door operations.

2. Due to variation attributes of growers from beginner to amature to seasoned professional, this competition will help upgrade cannabis cultivation to the next level. Exchange experience and obtain the best advanced growing techniques.Update datas on new discoveries of species that produce high cannabinoids compounds and keepup in a fast changing world.

3. Increase awareness of Thai high quality cannabis growers that has been part of everyday’s life for centuries, crop substance used as clothing and medicinal herb. Thus, draw attention from many oversea seed breeders and genetics companies to offer their product booths and patronage. Thailand is an ultimate destination for weed lovers.

4. Make an emphasis on value and benefits of cannabis for both Thai Traditional Medicine and Conventional Medicine.

These are the winners!

1st Place: Heaven Cannabis
2nd Place: Peace 420
3rd Place: Tropical Thunder

1st Place: Buddy seeds
2nd Place: MJB
3rd Place: TenRain