The Emerald Cup 2010

7th Emerald Cannabis Cup – The 2010 Emerald Cup, sponsored by the Mendocino Farmers Collective  took place this weekend at Area 101 in Laytonville Ca.,  in the Heart of the Emerald Triangle. With over 135 entries from throughout the State, 8 judges ( The Emerald Triangle News Founding Editor ‘Ganj A Farmer’ being one) had over 3 weeks to sample some of the most incredible outdoor organic medical Cannabis ever sampled by one bunch. The results were unanimous with the cup winner, entry #117, “Best Sour Shit Ever” being by a long shot, the judges absolute favorite. Over 1000 people braved the frigid dry December night and were treated to a host of bands including:  Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real, The Reflectacles, along with Lion Camp, Gaudi, DJ Gamma and many more fine acts.

2010 Emerald Cannabis Cup results




Entry Number


01   Sour Best Shit Ever 117 19.62%THC/25% CBD’s
02   Cheese 92 17.78%THC/21% CBD’s
03   In the Pines Pineapple 101 19.02%THC/35% CBD’s
04   Headband 99 23.20%THH/26% CBD’s
05   Cheese to Please 103 21.70%THC/26% CBD’s
06   Lemon Diesel 18 19.56% THC/20% CBD’s
07 Pineapple Afghani 57 21.65% THC/28% CBD’s
08 Kracky Tobacky 102 18.85% THC/57% CBD’s
09 Purple Mr Nice 124 7.40% THC/14% CBD’s
10 Maui Purple 4 14.33%THC/14% CBD’s