September 6-7, 2013

The 2nd annual HIGH TIMES MEDICAL CANNABIS CUP in Seattle included prizes for the best and most medicinal cannabis, hashish and edibles from Washington’s legal medical marijuana dispensaries. 

HIGH TIMES MEDICAL CANNABIS CUP saw a massive two-day expo with star-studded seminars, a Saturday night concert featuring Slightly Stoopid and Redman, the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup award show and, of course, the best weed in Washington!

These are the results of the 2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Sativa Cup  

TJ’s Organic Gardens: TJ’s Platinum Label

Fweedom Collective:
Tres Dawg
A Greener Today:
OG Ghost Train Haze
Indica Cup   Only The Best:
True OG
Evergreen Patient Network:
Star Dawg

TJ’s Organic Gardens:
TJ’s Purple Label


Concentrates Cup  

VFL Collective:
H.G.H. Goji OG Overshatter


Gold Coast Extracts:
OG Thin Mints
Exotic Genetix
After Life OG Honeycomb
Edibles Cup   SJ Patients Group:
Day Dreamers High CBD Chocolate Bar
Be The Light Golden Frankincese Truffle
Greenside Medical:
Ettalew’s Medibles Sampler
Hybrid Cup   Fweedom Collective:
Triple Mega:
Jack One (aka Rebel Alliance)

Only The Best (OTB):
El Jeffe

CBD Award   Elemental Wellness Center-San Jose:
Phytosphere Systems:
CBD Simple
MTG Seeds:
C.B. Can-D Lollies
Best Hash   Gold Coast Extracts:
Whitewalker OG


Brutal Bee Concentrates & Precision Oil Tech:
Killer Bee OG

 VHL Collectives:
H.J.H. Goji O.G.
Best Product   Oilslick California Finest Medical Marijuana Cigarettes 710 Kan
Best Booth   Cali Connection California Finest Oilslick
Best Glass   Sasquatch Glass Get Connected Silika Glass