Spannabis Champions Cup 2015

Spannabis is celebrating its twelfth anniversary with one of the biggest Spanish cannabis-events of the year, hand in hand with the Expocannabis fair in Madrid & Expocannabis Sur in Málaga.

March 20th, 21th and 22th Cornellà Exhibition Centre, Barcelona.

These are the results of the 12th Spannabis Champion Cup

Best Seed Bank – Genehtik Seeds
Best Nutrient – Bio Heaven by BioBizz
Best Paraphernalia Product – Sublimator
Best Growing Tool – Alien Pro System by Alien Hydroponic Systems
Best Hemp Product – Cannabeer
Best Booth – Barney’s Farm

Indoors / Hydro
1st Critical Kush – Barney’s Farm
2nd Amnesia Mistery – Positronics Seeds

Indoors / Bio
1rst Super Cheese – Positronics Seeds
2nd Tangie – DNA Genetics
3rd Caboose – Strain Hunters

1st The Edge – Dutch Passion Seeds
2nd Cheese – Tierramadre Growshop
3rd Critical Kali Mist – Delicious Seeds

Best Resin
1rst Mandarine Hash – Tierramadre Growshop
2nd Negra 44 – Houseplant BCN and R-Kiem Seeds
3rd Original Bubblegum ice-o-lator – T.H.Seeds

Best Extractions
1rst Shoreline Live Resin – Devil’s Harvest Seeds and Nectar Collector
2nd Sour Ripper – La Grow Central and Ripper Seeds
3rd Triple Cheese – Barney’s Farm