Spannabis 2016

Spannabis Awards 2016

With prizes handed out in many categories, Spain’s most prominent cannabis competition event, the Spannabis Champons Cup in Barcelona, took place at the Fira de Cornellá on the 11th, 12th, 13th of March 2016.

These are the winners!

Best Seed Bank – Genehtik Seeds

Best Nutrient – Phosphoderma de Planta Sur

Best Paraphernalia Product – Xpositor de 00Box

Best Growing Tool – Black Smart Pot de Smart Pot

Best Hemp Product – Cannabeer

Best Stand – Genehtik Seeds

The Spannabis Champions Cup 2016

Best Concentrate

1st Place – OG Reek by Devil Harvest Seeds

2nd Place – Orange Diesel by Lady Sativa

3rd Place – Live Resin by Nerd Creations

Best Hash

1st Place – OG Kush by Grow Castellet

2nd Place – Jack La Mota by Parkedextracciones

3rd Place – Chama 71 by Grow in House de Vallirana

Best Indoor Hydro

1st Place – Underdawg OG Kush by TH Seeds

2nd Place – Emperor OG by Cali Kush Farms

3rd Place – Chemvalley Cooks by True Canna

Best Indoor Bio

1st Place – Diesel Browser by Nerd Creations

2nd Place – Ripper Badazz by La Grow Sabadell

3rd Place – OG Kush by Grow Castellet

Best Outdoor

1st Place – Lili  by Gramovatio

2nd Place – Cheese by Tierra Madre

3rd Place – Slex by Green House