4th Oregon Growers Cup

The 4th Oregon Growers Cup

The Oregon Growers Cup 2018 was held on December 12th in Riddle OR.

These are the winners of the 2018 OGC!

Category Indoors
1st place: State 3 Farms – Ghost OG
2nd place: Wicked Kind – Mac 1
3rd place: PDX High Standars – Mac 1

Category Outdoor
1st place: Million Elephant – Forbidden Fruit
2nd place: Alter Farms – Purple Wildfire
3rd place: Decibel Farms – Purple Punch

Category Greenhouse
1st place: Grateful Greenery – White Tahoe Cookies #1
2nd place: West Coast farms – Trainwreck
3rd place: Cascade Chronic ‘ Blurkle #3

Category Concentrates
1st place: Rebel Roots Farms – Sugarfruit
2nd place: Chilly´s Garden ‘ Lemon Banana Sherbet
3rd place: Sterling Gold ‘ Headbanger

Category Solventless
1st place: Nelson & Company – Scott´s OG Live Resin
2nd place: Decibel Farms – Wedding Cake
3rd place: Halfway 2 Happy Farms – Bleeding Rose

Category Pre-roll
1st place: Toking Blunts – Purple Hindu Kush
2nd place: Trichome Farms – Black Widow
3rd place: Mixed Guds – GUD Gardens

Best Cartridge: Rebel Roots Farms

Best Hash: Nelson & Company

Best Hemp: Green Logic

Best Tincture: Genesis Pharms

Best RSO: Genesis Pharms

Grow Master: State 3 Farms

People´s Choice: Alter Farms