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Explore Maryland Cannabis Awards 2021

The 2021 Explore Maryland Cannabis Awards honored the best in our Ecosystem. judges were invited to nominate their favorite brand, organization, and individual in Maryland. Nominations were open until Novemeber 1st, after which the winners were chosen.

These are the winners!

Dispensary of the Year: Curaleaf Reisterstown
Grower of the Year: The Evermore Cannabis Company
Processor of the Year: The Evermore Cannabis Company

Maryland Community Organization of the Year: High 5 Initiative
Maryland Non-Profit Organization of the Year: Project Dream (MDMDA)
Maryland Cannabis Organization of the Year: Veterans Initiative 22

Maryland Cannabis Advocate of the Year: Theresa Svoboda
Maryland Budtender (Patient Care Advisor) of the Year: Barbie Cyr
Maryland Influencer of the Year: Morgan Jung (@budtenderMorgan)
Maryland Cannabis Provider of the Year: Jackie Jones – Marijane Consults
Maryland Legislator of the Year: State Sen. Jill P Carter
Maryland Cannabis Person of the Year: Connor Sheffield – Sheffield Racing

Best Concentrate/Extract Product: Garlic Cookies – Live Resin Badder
Best Edible Product: Betty’s Eddies
Best Cannabis Clothing (Apparel/Merchandise) Product: CULTA
Best CBD Product: Headys CBD Honey
Best Vape (Strain) Product: Cresco Liquid Live Resin – SWS X WW
Best Topical Product: Grassroots Muscle Oil
Best Sublingual Product: Vireo 1:1 Green
Best Glass Product: Studdenglass Waterfall
CBD Product of the Year: Willie’s Reserve Mango (Flower)
Cannabis Product of the Year: Gelato Cake (Flower) by District Cannabis