2010 Marijuana Music Awards2010 Marijuana Music Awards results . The Winners of the Marijuana Music Awards were announced 18 of July at the Treating Yourself 2010 Expo in Toronto, Canada.

Song of the year – It’s 4:20 Somewhere
by Chief Greenbud

Album of the year- Medicine Man
by GDP

Best Artist – Spiritual Connection
by Sahra Indio

Best Rap – Ganja Green
by The Individuals ft Breathe Life

Best Rock – Marry Wanna
by Skyhouse

Best Reggae – Ganja Weed
by Indubious

Best Dj Mix – Ganja Mi Seh!
by Diego Dj

Best Poetry – Tommy Chong The Bong
by Paul Bullock

Best Video – Utilize Your High
by Dj Slim